SME & Corporate Training and Development Services

Training and developments are provided to widen the knowledge of our market in terms of their needs. A continuous learning which can help individual to meet target and/or goals, help them to adapt with the accelerating pace of technology, and update them with the current trends in their respective fields. Topics and discussions are well thought-out and validated that are appropriate. Trainers and speakers are also chosen carefully based on their expertise. 

  • ASSET (Accounting Standards for Small-Medium Enterprises Training) Program, is for business owners, practitioners, finance officers, admin officers, managers, supervisors and freelancers to provide them continuous knowledge with the Accounting process and update them with what is latest in the said field.
  • HEART (Human Empowerment, Acquisitions and Resource Training) Program, is for business owners, HR Officers or employees in charge of the manpower. Also a continuous learning to feed updates and current trends in the field of human resource management.    
  • GOAL (Government Officials At the Local) Program is a continuing development program of the CFM Institute of Computer Knowledge for the newly elected Barangay officials. The aim of GOAL program is to help the newly elected local officials effectively discharge their duties and responsibilities and be able to define their development roadmap. 

Student and Professional Development Program

Skills required to excel especially to students who are willing to learn and adopt new knowledge . We want our students to be prepared when they reach high school or even college to develop their professional skills in terms of technology. Our main purpose is to teach the student to learn new technological skills and help them understand better the content of a technology. Building and maintaining the professional development of students may increase their confidence to excel in the program and improve the student’s ability.

  • ACE (Advance Computer Education) Program, is a 16-weeks computer literacy program that was formed for students who are in their primary, tertiary level, out of school youth and also extended to individuals who wish to acquire more knowledge in the field of technology. This is more of a tutorial course which will provide computer learnings involving Office productivity, Computer Hardware Servicing, Animation, Image Editing, Networking, Audio Editing and Web Development and Programming. 
  • Academic Tutorial Services, provides holistic and valuable support to students of all levels in their academics. With our committed and motivated tutors we handle all major subjects and levels in the K-12 program including Tutorials for Mathematics, English, Science and Computer Subjects. We also provide tutorials for college students on IT and Business courses.

Software Development and IT Services

We offer full cycle software development services and develop custom software solutions based on client’s requirements, available technology and preferred platforms. We used agile model for our development so as to be more mobile with our development and client engagement will be highly consider.