CFM Institute of Computer Knowledge (ICK) was established out of the owners’ love for education. With their experience in the education, finance, management and IT industry coupled with their desire to provide the best and quality education and technical services.

CFM-ICK is an institution with a focus on providing trainings, technical educational consultancy services and software development. It was established on January 2018 in Angeles City, Pampanga.

With a year of providing quality training services, about 300 primary and secondary students and 60 business owners were successfully trained and being trained in the various programs of the institution.

To be a provider of Information Technology based education, services and training for CFM-ICK Stakeholders through innovative techniques essential with the needs of the society with the objective of producing individuals responsive to the needs of the society.

A total quality and dominant provider of competent, skilful, morally upright and competitive individuals responsive to the needs of the society.

Why Choose CFM?

There are various great reasons to choose CFM as it relies heavily on its core values.

Committed to Care for the Community

The training, development and technical services it provides positively impacts the communities where it work and live, leaving a legacy of long- term benefit.

Fair Focus to Future

CFM is empowered to innovate, keep moving forward, listen to and delight customers with great experiences and results.

Motivation to Mastery and Mindfulness

CFM continually improve its knowledge, skills, talents, habits and attitude being constantly aware and conscious of the intent, motivation, needs and feelings of their customers.

The Logo

CFM Institute of Computer Knowledge – “Where Education Matters”