Leomar Mateo Dalisay Juan

Leomar Mateo Dalisay Juan

Leomar Mateo Dalisay Juan is a well-rounded Field Marketing Officer who has demonstrated the capability of leading the Marketing team, overseeing the growing chains of Clients, Field Marketing Activities and Public Relations.

Before joining CFM Institute he worked at Mark and Spencer, Debenhams and Home Credit Philippines.

With his skills in cooking and preparing meals, he served also as Head Cook at Chiquito`s Restaurant.

He loves basketball, exploring different places, cooking exotic dishes, and playing e-games.

A Former Band Vocalist of Decibel Overload and has been awarded as the Best Frontman in one of the Battles of the Bands Competition.

He studied Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Jose Rizal University.

His dream is to be part or to be named as one of the Michelin 5 star Chefs.